Mauro Calvi is an artist endowed with great expressive sensibility. His uniqueness lies in his sophisticated research and his experimentation with a new language able to represent his concept of Art in the best possible way.

Passion-fuelled energy

As John Milton taught us, energy, released by a passion for seeking the truth, is like an inexhaustible spring that flows. When studying the works of Calvi, with their incessant and sophisticated expressive research, I found these words particularly relevant to the aesthetic philosophy that drives the artist’s actions, as in the history of the science of aesthetics, in which Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten expertly mixes the concept of truth with beauty. From the very start of his extraordinary career, Mauro Calvi has sought to follow the emotions and intuitions formed in the depths of his soul. The result, which we can admire today, belongs to the union of two of the artist’s fundamental characteristics. One is his technical and intellectual ability to investigate the human “figure”, interpreted through the study of poses and proportions revisited and characterised by a disruptive gestural tension. The other peculiarity that characterises Mauro Calvi’s work pertains to his analysis of and informal experimentation with the use of material and colour, which often play a key part in particularly significant backgrounds.During his creative journey, which has unfolded over many years of painting activity, these two peculiarities have gradually merged, initially creating high-contrast overlaps between pure design and an informal background.Design, which stands out through his revisitation of classical forms, studied through the teachings of great masters from the history of art, is redeveloped from within by a marked expressive sensitivity, finding space on the canvas in a constant dialogue with a new colour effect that seems to want to incorporate it. 
His artistic journey has reached brand-new territory today, following a direction ‒ perhaps definitive ‒ in which the figures merge with polychrome solutions fuelled by a particular sense of harmony and great expertise. The figurative experience has not been abandoned, but now dialogues with the informal one, following a new and clearly delineated language that once again confirms, as if it were necessary, a broadly demonstrated expressive maturity. Mauro Calvi’s research has not reached a destination. On the contrary, guided by a sense of extraordinary professionalism and passion, it has come to a new starting point for the creation of works imbued with a growing and energetic expressive spirituality. The artist reflects what he feels in the depth of his soul on the canvas. In a world that daily seeks to show its worst side, the art of Mauro Calvi distances and elevates itself, giving in ideally to the cult of beauty and depth and to the emotion of poetry. While, as Giordano Bruno taught us, the essence of philosophy lies in preserving a love of knowledge, the essence of Mauro Calvi’s artistic language lies in knowing how to preserve a passion for research and his deep creative thinking.

Alberto Moioli

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